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Like many people, I believe the self-exalted poobahs of Big Tech are purposely depressing Christian and conservative traffic on the Internet. How they’re doing it, I have no idea.

Last year, when I started the computer in the morning, I’d find anything from 60 to over 100 views waiting for me. I averaged over 300 a day for the year. Progress!

Today, 17 views. Seventeen! And yesterday, only 205 all told.

It’s hard to keep going.

Yesterday I couldn’t work on my book or write Newswithviews because my eyes remained dilated till after suppertime. I did sweat out a normal number of blog posts, and today I’ll have to make up for lost time.

Well! All they have to do is cut off 17 more, and I’ll start the day with no views at all.

Pray for Christian bloggers–the bad guys are out to shut us down.

5 comments on “Discouraging!

  1. I hope there is a way you can copy all the information on your website, archives and all, so when you are forced to go to another platform that doesn’t discriminate against Christians you will be back in business. We are praying for you, Lee, and very thankful for your ministry!

    1. Thing is, I don’t think there’s a way I can take all that stuff with me. Losing it would be like having to start all over again from scratch.
      Thanks for your prayers–I need them!

  2. “They” want to silence every person who isn’t properly acclimated to their, I’ll say balogna”, or brainwashed to an acceptable extent. Keep on keeping on, the best hope for the moment is spreading seeds of logic, help get these people exposed to the reality that there is an onslaught of deception by gov’ts, of conditioning by the medias, etc. People must think for themselves again (or begin to) if they want to survive later & not be less free. They just don’t see the possibilities of where we’re all heading.

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