‘Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams’ (2018)

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Would you believe it? Public school teachers complained about being expected to know more than their students–not fair, not fair!

They gave this standardized math test and lot of math teachers failed it.

Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams

For what we’re paying for these schools–a fortune!–we should at least get teachers who know more than the students. Why should any kid have to sit there listening to a teacher who knows no more than he does?

Granted, tests that concentrate on mere memorization are probably limited as an evaluation tool. But gee!

Y’know what’d make a great experiment (not that anyone would dare to do it)? Give the kids the same test that their teachers failed, and see if they do better.

Go ahead, educators–I dare you. Double-dog, triple-dog dare you!


5 comments on “‘Math Teachers Flunk Math Exams’ (2018)

  1. So unbelievable. How in the world do these teachers ever get the diploma they need to get hired?

  2. Pearson, the company giving the exam, is in that business, and solely in that business. They charge a lot for their exams, and I have taken several myself. One thing I’ve learned about these industry certifications is that they are a poor predictor of someone’s ability to actually perform useful work.

  3. Ridiculous. What is the point, then? Oh, yeh, I know, it’s all about the money. Same with all outfits.

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