Oh, Boy! Science! A Euthanasia Chip

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All they that hate me love death.  –Proverbs 8:36

“Scientists” writing for The Hastings Center Report have suggested that people may “choose”–be careful with that word!–to be implanted with a euthanasia chip that kills them instantaneously “at the first sign of dementia” (https://www.lifenews.com/2021/08/12/scientists-want-people-fitted-with-euthanasia-chip-that-kills-you-at-first-sign-of-dementia/).

Shoot, you know it’s false advertising if Joe Biden’s still around.

See, they want the patient to be able to “choose” to “arrange their own deaths without the subsequent intervention of anyone else.”

Do you make that choice in a casual conversation, or at a really low point in your life, or after many hours with “end of life counselors”? I wonder if they get a bounty for every patient who “chooses” to off himself. But the point is, we can’t know how free any of these “choices” ever were. And what would the programmers consider a big-time sign of dementia? Do you want Bill Gates writing that definition? Maxine Waters?

Somehow these always go together–euthanasia, the “right” to suicide, weird sexual practices, and, a recent addition, “transgender.” They belong together because–just as Proverbs tells us–they all lead to death, one way or another. They all constitute rejections of God, the source of life.

Pray for our wretched country, that we might turn back to God before we’re too far gone to think of Him.

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  1. That is kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? If one is demented, how do they know what they want? No one who knows God would think of murder or suicide.

  2. Before the fall of man, there is no mention of death in the Bible, except for the warning that disobedience to God’s sole rule for Adam and Eve would result in death.

    But there is a huge swath of the populace which seems to actually love death. Back in the ‘80s, I used to read The Far Side every day, but recently, I saw an animated Far Side cartoon and it was nothing but death. There are religions which promote suicide in the name of the religion, usually linked to the killing of others whom are guilty of nothing more than being in an unfortunate location when an act of terror is committed.

    Yahweh is the God of Life. All life came from Him. All of it. Satan if the god of death, and he wants to spread death as efficiently as possible.

  3. My favorite tin-hat conspiracy theory at the moment is there are ingredients in the coronavirus vaccines that will cause a premature death down the road – Gates idea for thinning out the herd. The Bible tells us over and over we are responsible for our lives and every action and word will come into judgment – some will add to our reward and some will detract from our reward. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when He said some would bring for one hundredfold, some sixtyfold, and some thirtyfold.

    1. I definitely do not trust Gates. My own take is that the vaccine contains unproven technologies and I don’t think that anyone can possibly know the long term effects. There seem to be persistent questions regarding its effect upon fertility, and that alone is enough to raise a lot of red flags.

      I don’t claim to know the mind of God, nor do I claim any special insights into His long-term plan for the material realm, but I know that God blessed both the animal kingdom and the human race and told both to fill the earth. Those are the standing orders and even after the fall of mankind, these orders remain in force. To go against these is to go against God.

      We are at a Tower of Babel moment and I don’t imagine that God will allow these schemes to prosper, any more than He did on the plains of Shinar. Beyond the efforts to reduce the population, high tech has brought the world into communication to a degree not seen before Babel.

      Before the year 2000, I had made precisely two telephone calls that were not to the US or Canada. Nowadays, I make calls to Asia most working days, and these are frequently long-duration calls. Even when everyone on the call speaks English, it is very difficult to communicate at times, simply because various common expressions do not translate well from culture to culture. Humans have tried to undo Babel, but it hasn’t worked as well as it was hoped that it would.

  4. A euthanasia chip is a frightening idea. Can it be removed in the event that a person changes their mind perhaps later on? Some people will go whole-hog over this but I’ll pass.

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