I’m Stuck! Please Send Comments

Tanystropheus - Wikipedia

I had just fallen into a doze last night when my wife, reading my new book, The Wind from Heaven, woke me to ask, “What the dickens is this?” She’d just read the scene in which Ysbott the Snake espies a Tanystropheus fishing (as it were) in a little pond in the depths of Lintum Forest. She read back to me my description of the creature, which I must say accords very well with the picture, above. But what could I say but, “That’s a Tanystropheus”?

Ordinarily that would have inspired me to greater literary efforts. But I’m afraid writing about Sicilian caecilians today used up something vital in my brain… and now I’m stuck. Can’t think of anything else to write about, even though I’m a good 50 views behind where I ought to be at this time of day.

In short, I need assistance from my readers. Comments, suggestions, urgent pleas for more information, light-hearted observations about this or that–I need ’em all. Because I’m stuck. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does… not even a Tanystropheus can help me.

Waiting to hear from you–

24 comments on “I’m Stuck! Please Send Comments

  1. I’d be glad to help you, but I am the last person in the world who would be capable. I can’t even help myself. I have figured out what is wrong with me and it is multiple sclerosis, which is worsening. Dizziness, weakness in all muscles, jumping hurting nerves, pins and needles pain, brain fog like you can’t believe and many more. Every symptom named, I have. If my replies make no sense any more, you will know why. I have trouble typing- jumping fingers, and unable to make it to church again. bummer.

  2. Hi! You haven’t heard from me in quite a while. I’m still here and I read many of your postings, often prioritizing yours over others. I’ll get back go you when i can!

  3. Never bet against a Sicilian caecilian when death is on the line…I recommend kicking back and watching the “Princess Bride” movie, it’s still funny, even on the 109th showing.

  4. Thanks very much for your prayers. A favorite song is: He’s Still God by who else? Carroll

  5. time for a cute kitten video. Or maybe an encore of the Voice of Eden singing “In God’s Green Pastures.” Or maybe both.

    1. Surely you mean the only one so far today! I count seven (other than your responses and the one I’m writing at the moment) on this thread alone, including one of mine. Come to think of it, maybe your plaint was a lure to get us to respond. Hmmmmm….. 🙂

    2. Those comments (except for these 2 most recent ones) go back several days. At the moment, SlimJim’s was the only comment that I had today as yet.

      It’s a far cry from starting out with 100+ views and a couple dozen comments, like I had last winter.

    3. Buckle up, it’s going to get worse as we go along. But we know Who wins in the end — or, more accurately, Who won from the beginning. Maybe it’s time to listen to “We Are Not Alone” again.

    4. I had to leave the house on errands right after my last comment, so I didn’t have a chance to answer your question, but my answer would have been “yes, Voice of Eden” — and I see you posted it without my answer. It’s so beautiful. And you’re not the only one who needed to hear it. Everything around us seems to be falling into chaos. And for a vew of us, a lot of things inside us seem to be falling into chaos as well. But God truly is with us.

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