More About Caecilians

In this video you will see more caecilians than you’ve ever seen in all your life. It’s likely you never even heard of them before. But who would make a fake video about legless blind amphibians?

I wish to draw attention to the pronunciation of “caecilians.” This video’s narrator says it like “Sicilians.” Who are we to disagree? But there weren’t any caecilians in any of the Godfather movies–then again, hardly anybody ever sees them anywhere else, either. There is a rumor that Al Pacino had a pet caecilian named “Alfredo,” but who knows how true that could be?

We are anticipating an invasion of Scurveyshire, England, by caecilians during Queen Victoria’s reign. Don’t believe anyone who says it’s easy to predict the past. There are things that went on back then that’d make your hair stand on end.


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  1. The things happening now would make my hair stand on end IF I didn’t have the Scriptures to warn me ahead of time.

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