Back to Work (As Best I Can)

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Even a Komodo dragon (the world’s largest living lizard) get worn out from time to time.

My allergy attack seems to be abating, so it’s time to get back to work. A piece of my new book, a nice cigar, and a refreshingly cool day–and Phoebe’s hymn suggestion–have got me started up again.

I think I’ll build on that old Charles Atlas ad as the basis for a Newswithviews column. That I might build anything at all today seemed unlikely a few hours ago.

We have a country to save.

6 comments on “Back to Work (As Best I Can)

    1. This computer has given me fits today, and it took twice as long to do NWV as it normally does; but I finally got it done.

      And I think that is truly all the work that I can do today.

  1. That is one up on me. I will be lucky to be able to fix dinner. so far, only three loads of laundry and feeding the dogs and pups. whew

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