Kicking Sand in Our Faces

Neufer Freewheeling - Starship Asterisk*

Charles Atlas’ ads were in all the comic books when I was a boy. They featured a skinny guy and his girlfriend on the beach, getting sand kicked in their faces by a musclebound bully. “Aw, shut up, you skinny runt!”

Now, in the space of just eight or nine months, America has been transformed from a powerhouse to a skinny runt; and all the bullies on the beach are kicking sand in our faces. Way to go, Joe!

Charles Atlas, America needs you!

To which Mr. Atlas replies, “Hey, you had Donald Trump and look at the thanks he got! You think I want to set myself up for that?”

We’ve just lost Afghanistan (not that we ever had it). Who’s next? Taiwan? I can just see the National Basketball Assn. rooting for Red China. John Kerry calling Taiwan “the aggressors.” I mean, who’s gonna protect ’em? Mr. Skinny Runt in Washington? Whose general think their main enemy is Climbit Change–or un-woke white people?

The Democrat Party: changing the world, one disaster at a time…

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