Bottoming Out?

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Big Tech’s algorithms are doing a number on Christian blogs. Rather than ban us outright, they seek to smother us. Less messy, and no one will ask questions in Congress.

Yesterday, no one here but us regulars, my viewership fell below 200 for the first time in I don’t know how many years. Today, an even worse start. Zero comments. One like.

I’ve heard from other Christian bloggers. The same thing’s happening to them. The search engines have been stacked against us, resulting in few or no casual visits. They want us to give up and go home.

But we’ll still be praising God, sunshine, when you’re forgotten even by your nearest and dearest.

God grant us strength, endurance, wisdom… and victory.

7 comments on “Bottoming Out?

  1. HIS message will prevail and to the horror of many, it will not look pretty to them. Don’t let the ignorant and rebellious discourage you. We win, they lose.

  2. I read every one of your posts via email, sorry that doesn’t show up in your stats! Logging into the site everytime is a pain; maybe that is why it looks like you have few views?
    Keep up the good work! You are a light shining through the darkness

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