‘Today’s Top Belly Laugh’ (2017)

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Great Caesar’s ghost! Remember this? In 2017 there was going to be a big Democrat pow-wow where they’d figure out how to talk to normal people. I had my eye out for it, but I never did hear how it turned out.

What in the world would this crowd ever have to say to normal people?

Today’s Top Belly-Laugh

That’s when they realized they’d have to cheat to win elections. Hillary Clinton’s abject failure in 2016–when they were crowing on Election Night about her 99% chance of winning–damn near drove a stake through the Party’s heart. It is a great pity that it didn’t.

But I can’t help wondering what they would’ve decided they ought to say to us. That would have been a laugh for the ages.


3 comments on “‘Today’s Top Belly Laugh’ (2017)

  1. We hear quite enough from them, thank you. I like sensible, righteous things, not drivel.

  2. They finally figured it out: “Wear masks! Stay away from each other! Shut down business and churches! Do whatever we tell you! Otherwise you’ll DIE!” That worked pretty well for them in 2020. As Machiavelli said it would, i.e., better for a ruler to be feared than to be loved.

    1. The question is, how long can the Ruling Class keep the COVID panic going? They’d like to keep it on forever–but is that possible?

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