My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 19 (‘Kicking Sand in America’s Face’)

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Our, ahem, “president” trying to negotiate the steps to board Air Force One. Symbolic of his whole, er, presidency…

Have we bottomed out yet? If not, God help us! Because this week has certainly been a low point in our country’s history. And all our enemies, foreign and domestic, know it.

Kicking Sand in America’s Face

We are now the 98-pound weakling on the beach. We are now the laughing-stock–only our failure in Afghanistan isn’t very funny, is it? The world’s punching bag, the world’s spittoon–that’s us.

Did you need a crystal ball to see it coming?

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  1. And just as in 1975, our humiliation spells death for others — not just the Afghanis (especially the women), but people in other countries as the dominoes fall. Remember the scoffing at the “domino theory” about what would happen if South Vietnam fell? And then remember the fall of Laos and the Cambodian killing fields? Stay tuned for the taking of Taiwan and increased jihad across Europe and Africa. Other people’s enemies now know that America won’t step in to save the day.

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