Has Australia Forfeited Its Peoples’ Trust?

Panic in the Time of Pandemic - Dr. Christopher Bader sheds some needed  insight on fear and panic in the midst of COVID-19. - The Voice of Wilkinson

Reports earlier this week had the government of Australia planning to “seize 24,000 children” and vaccinate them for COVID without their parents’ approval (https://leeduigon.com/2021/08/18/australia-to-seize-and-vaccinate-24000-children/). It turned out that those reports were overblown and had to be corrected (https://leeduigon.com/2021/08/19/australias-mass-vaccination-of-children-update/).

But it hardly reassured people when New South Wales’ public health honcho told them they shouldn’t talk to their neighbors for the next few weeks, and the prime minister of New Zealand advised citizens to “please keep to your bubble.”

Sydney, Australia, has had 102 COVID deaths in the past year and a half. By contrast, in 2020 alone, Sydney had 285 traffic fatalities. So where’s the panic over traffic fatalities? Where’s the call to “give up your cars”?

Alarmist nooze reports arise from public panic. When the public has already been inundated with dreadful news, a bit more isn’t hard to believe.

Governmental overreaction to COVID has bred a climate of fear, worldwide; and if governments keep on doing this, they will forfeit the public’s trust.

Do we have to wait for them to run through the entire Greek alphabet (delta variant, lambda variant, upsilon variant, etc., etc.) before we either go just plain mad from fear… or else stop listening? What if we simply can’t believe them anymore? Well, you all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. To say nothing of “The sky is falling!”

This is a very dangerous thing for governments to be doing. We can’t live without talking to each other! We can’t keep shutting down national economies. What if the panic reaches a point where the government can’t control it anymore?

We don’t want that to happen. There’s no such thing as good hysteria.

4 comments on “Has Australia Forfeited Its Peoples’ Trust?

    1. Unfortunately, too many people remain in a constant state of Chicken Little-ism. I’m starting to see masks in the street again, as well as in stores where they’d begun to disappear. The media pressure is relentless — and the pressure is even worse for the “vaccine” than it was for the masks. The sad thing is that the “vaccine” (aka gene modification) is far more dangerous than the masks.

    2. Why does government present COVID to us as if it were the deadliest disease in all of human history–when obviously it isn’t?

    3. It’s a power grab, pure and simple — or impure and labyrinthine. Rule by fear. I’ve been saying so from the beginning.

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