Coming Un-Stuck

These past few days I’ve been stuck for a means to develop the plot of my current book, The Witch Box. I had the climax–two of them, in fact!–but I wasn’t getting there and I feared the story was bogging down. So I re-read the last 50 pages or so, and was greatly reassured by what I found: the story doesn’t suck.

But how to reach those climaxes? I could only read and think and pray over it.

And I think I’ve been shown the way.

This will require some pretty fancy stepping on my part. I run two risks: the book might turn out to be too short, or it might wind up getting padded–mustn’t let that happen!

So I think I’ll resort to a tactic used by both Cervantes and Sir Thomas Malory centuries ago–and pray it works for me.

Back in the saddle on Monday!

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  1. Blessings to you in your efforts. It is always best to pause and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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