Australia Prime Minister Admits Their ‘COVID Zero’ Policy Can’t Work

A man police want to speak to over an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne.

An anti-lockdown protest on the streets of Melbourne

Australia’s draconian anti-COVID measures, aimed at a goal of “COVID zero,” have failed, says the country’s prime minister, Scott Morrison ( The continual lockdowns and fear-mongering “is not a sustainable way to live in this country,” he said.

Ya think?

With a survivability rate of over 99% for persons whose health has not already been compromised by some other disease or medical condition, COVID-19 has inspired Australia’s “leaders” to put the country through an endless cycle of lockdowns. A single “case,” whatever a case is, touches off a lockdown–or, in the words of the government euphemism, “a circuit-breaker.” It’s supposed to cut off COVID before it starts rolling.

Morrison said “most” of the restrictions will be lifted as soon as 80% of Australia’s population is “vaccinated.” So far it’s only 27%–even with all the threats, punishments, and inducements.

Meanwhile, civil discontent has been piling higher and higher and higher. Australians, for the sake of a failed policy that was never going to be successful in the first place, have endured more than they ever expected.

(“Blimey, mate, we’re sorry we put you through all that! A cryin’ shame, eh?”)

To claim damages from the government, hold your breath and count to a million.

Will the people be content to wait for 80% to be vaccinated before returning to life as normal human beings?

Stay tuned–this party ain’t over yet.


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  1. Whatever happened to Australia? I remember thinking if things got too bad in the USA that might be a good place to move to – not anymore. Wherever the Left takes over, darkness abounds.

  2. Two things are certain in life, sickness and death. No amount of vaccinations are ever going to change that.

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