Teacher Has Kids Pledge Allegiance to ‘Gay’ Flag

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No, I will not publish an image of any “gay” flag! Here’s a nice goldfinch instead.

The nooze keeps trying to convince me that God has indeed given us over to a reprobate mind and that there’s no going back to sanity.

Like for instance:

An unidentified public school “teacher” in California–identity carefully concealed–recently stirred up a controversy when she had her students pledge allegiance to… the “gay” flag (https://townhall.com/columnists/toddstarnes/2021/08/30/teacher-tells-kids-to-pledge-allegiance-to-gay-flag-n2594990).

See, she took down the American flag and stored it somewhere out of sight “because it made me uncomfortable,” she, er, explained.

Her school district requires the Pledge of Allegiance  to be recited in the afternoon. When one of her students said there was no U.S. flag for them to pledge allegiance to, the “teacher” pointed to the “gay” flag–for Organized Sodomy–and suggested they pledge allegiance to that. She showed them how to do it, too. It’s all on two TikTok videos.

A school official (really, what good are they?) said the district is “aware” of the situation–gee, so are we, now–and “taking action to address it.” Uh-huh.

Nothing has done more damage to our country than our so-called public “education” system. Throw the kids into a room with a unionized Far Left wacko to indoctrinate them into weirdo-ness… and hope for the best!

But there is no “best” in public schooling.

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  1. Obviously there is no longer a best. How much lower can they go? I hate to think what school kids would have done if it had been like this when we were young. Even on my first job, at Pac. Tel. & Tel, one of the operators was so shy she would only ask to “go wash her hands” instead of mentioning the bathroom. Wow. What a contrast.

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