Are You Allowed to Say She’s Lying?

Meghan Markle files complaint with Britain's ITV over Piers Morgan's comments on Oprah interview | KTLA

Is this “a watershed moment in the battle for free speech,” or just another celebrity food fight?

Never mind. Free speech needs all the help it can get, these days.

Commentator Piers Morgan walked off the set of Britain’s most popular daytime TV show, Good Morning, Britain, when it was demanded he apologize for saying he didn’t believe a word Duchess Meghan Watsername said in an interview with Oprah Winfrey ( Personally, I’d walk five miles out of my way to avoid seeing that. Morgan saw it and didn’t like it.

So the case went up to Ofcom, a “regulator” of what’s put on or kept off British television. Sort of like our FCC, except sometimes it makes decisions. Ofcom received over 50,000 “complaints” against Morgan. Sounds like humbug to me. Typical internet troll stuff. The regulator concluded that to let Morgan be silenced for this would be a “chilling restriction on freedom of expression.” Sorry, Meghan, you gotta suck it up.

The duchess said Morgan’s comments made her feel “suicidal.” Really? Maybe she needs psychiatric care. Or maybe that was just a lie.

Meanwhile, over here in the Land O’ the Free, the mother of a Marine killed in Kabul in the Great Skedaddle has been silenced by Big Tech for criticizing Dodderer-in-Chief Joe “Humiliating Fiasco” Biden…

How do we get our freedom back?

11 comments on “Are You Allowed to Say She’s Lying?

  1. That’s what amazes me. If a member of the British Royal family broke down in front of my house, I’d let them change their own tires, or walk to the gas station on their own. These people are only important if we choose to make them important.

    1. Why would anyone care what Meghan Markle has to say about anything? That’s what gets me. What kind of sycophants hang on the every word of these people. Why should I feel sympathy for someone that lives a life of privilege that is light years ahead of my wildest dreams.

    2. Especially when she has on makeup, has every hair in place and the media is cooperating by making certain that every shot is flattering. That makes her seem very smart.

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