‘Balaam and the Ass’ (2017)

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Liberals mock us for believing that the miracles recorded in the Bible really happened. No Reputable Bible Scholar would be caught dead believing that.

And one of the miracles that offends them most is the story of Balaam and the ass in Numbers 22.

Balaam and the Ass

Balaam’s sin was to sell the gift of God–the exceedingly rare gift of prophecy–as if it were only merchandise. Having refused to listen to his own conscience, God had the prophet rebuked by the ass–in those days, the least prestigious of domestic animals. Balaam continued to try to go against God’s will and eventually paid with his life. He really should’ve listened to the ass.

Yes, we believe the report.

Some of the things those scholars believe are a real hoot.

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  1. That is the amazing thing… they doubt the Bible yet believe the most outlandish things- things that would make you laugh if they were not so ridiculous – to the point of sending them to hell.

  2. One thing that I find amazing, is that there are people whom profess to believe in God and claim to take the Bible seriously, but seem to pick and choose what parts of scripture they choose to believe. God SPOKE the Universe into existence. Stop and think about that. God spoke … and it happened.

    My words have power, but not very much power. I could not speak so much as one Hydrogen atom into existence. I could pick up the phone and speak a pizza into being delivered, but only if I can back up my words with money. 🙂 When I was a department head and supervised people, I considered myself fortunate if half of what I asked of the workers whom reported to me actually was actually accomplished.

    But God has the power to create billions of stars. He has to power to create life. He could change that ass into a race horse in a micro-second’s time.

    Miracles served a purpose. When Moses was used to announce the plagues upon ancient Egypt and later to part the sea, this gave the Israelites a reliable i dictation that Moses was being led by God. When he led them to the Promised Land, they should have realized that God was backing them in their battle to take too session of the land. God had decreed His judgment upon the inhabitants of that land, because of their wicked practices. When they finally entered the land, and took Jericho, the walls fell because of God’s power, not that of the Israelites.

    So if He chose an ass to give voice to His message for Balaam, that was no big thing. He could have had the rocks speak, or the plant life, or brought forth a chorus of frogs to sing Balaam’s rebuke. (Frankly, I would have found that particularly entertaining.) 🙂 He’s God, and His only limitation is that He cannot lie.

    Years ago, the toughest guy in our high school went missing for about a week. He was an intimidating figure and tough as nails. But knowing the rest of his family, I found out the reason he was missing from school. It seems that this tough guy took a swing at his father, and ended up on the receiving end of a punch that put him on the floor and left one side of his face visibly bruised for about a week. Mr. Tough Guy found out that he wasn’t nearly as tough as his father.

    We, as individuals, truly have no comprehension of the spirit realm. We can only relate to that realm in human terms. One Angel wiped out 185,000 of Sennacherib’s soldiers in one night. That’s more than were killed at Hiroshima, and that was just one Angel. If we try to place limits the power of the spirit realm, we are like that high school boy that took a swing at his father. I’d wager my last dime that he never saw it coming and was on the ground before he knew what hit him.

    Walls mean nothing to a spirit creature and even the most fearsome weapons are completely ineffective against them. Making words come out of the mouth of an ass is child’s play for a sprit creature.

    What counts here, is the message.

    1. It warms my heart whenever a high school tough guy gets flattened.
      Now, there was no third party present to witness the incident, so the only possible source for the story could have been Balaam himself. And why in the world would he ever make up such a thing?

  3. Your words are so true. The ALMIGHTY has no limits whatsoever. We can just stand in awe and worship.

  4. I have always loved the Balaam and his ass story. There are angels about us all the time, and we are assigned one at birth that always beholds the face of our Father. When we finally go home, it is angels that usher us to Heaven.

  5. I haven’t seen him in decades, but I heard that he ended up doing time for manslaughter, pled down from murder. He was a drug dealer back in high school and to the best of my knowledge, he never reformed his ways. He was born intelligent, strong and with many gifts, which he squandered.

  6. Balaam and the donkey is probably one of the more difficult stories to explain from an apologetics standpoint. It just must be taken by faith that God gave the donkey the ability to talk, and He’s the only one that could do such a thing.

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