Virginia High Court Reinstates Teacher Fired for Opposing ‘Gender Policy’

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Good news is hard to come by, these days, so cherish it when you can get it.

The Virginia Supreme Court has reinstated a gym teacher who was fired for refusing to go along with the Loudon County school district’s “gender policy,” which required teachers to say things they believe to be wicked and false (

When the gym teacher stood up to speak the truth at a public meeting of the school board, “school officials” (LOL) put him on “administrative leave”–the next closest thing to being fired outright.

The successful lawsuit is now being amended to protect other teachers who have refused to obey the “gender policy.” Basically they want you to call a girl a boy and use masculine pronouns if she demands it, and call a boy a girl etc., etc., ad ridiculum.

Forcing people to say things they know to be untrue, and morally wrong, is part of any successful tyranny.

Meanwhile, Loudon parents are fighting hard to get Critical Race Theory uprooted from their schools’ curriculum and tossed out with the trash.

Do we see a pattern here?

People, the public schools and teachers’ unions are not your friends!

Pull your kids out of there while you still can.

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