Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

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Both of our computers have taken the noon balloon this afternoon. I’ve only just gotten this one working (sort of) again. But now I am stressed out and need to rest.

I’ll be back… later.

7 comments on “Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

  1. I totally understand. I took an almost hour long nap in my chair while my hair was drying, and now that I’m awake (sort of) I am feeling shaky and trembly, dizzy and brain foggy. I may be back later, just have to wait and see.

  2. Thank you, I am trying best I know how. I have a number of friends praying for me from here to Kansas City and back plus all you friends on this blog. At 88, I guess I can’t expect much. I am sure it is MS, and that is a tough one.

  3. Well, I understand what you are saying, but it so happens that through the past 25 years, if I hadn’t diagnosed my own need for thyroid rx, and if I had not known I needed gall bladder removal, and one or two other things, it would have been a disaster, as meds mis-diagnosed me every time. Research is available, if we make use of it.

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