‘Continue to Pray for Christians Remaining in Afghanistan’ (Christian Blogger)

We have this from our friend SlimJim’s “Veritas Domain” blog (aka The Domain for Truth):

The Church during 2021: Continue to Pray for the Christians remaining in Afghanistan

Do you want to know why Paul said we ought to pray unceasingly? Look at this world of 2021! When we say Christians in Afghanistan are in danger, we mean in danger of being killed. This is not Canada or California, where they just shut down the churches. This is where they kill you.

There is a prayer request video embedded in the text.

Will the Church in Afghanistan be able to survive at all? Western churches don’t do much to protect persecuted Christians in China, India, and elsewhere. Often there really isn’t much they can do.

But we are all in this together, and we need our prayers.

10 comments on “‘Continue to Pray for Christians Remaining in Afghanistan’ (Christian Blogger)

  1. Certainly we do need to remain in dedicated prayer for these endangered believers. There are and have been many Christians in other places all along, and we need to pray and believe for their deliverance.

  2. I find myself prating for more and more people, these days. Recently, I found myself praying for all the world: that the godly would be protected and that those in darkness will come to knowledge of the One True God. Perhaps that is the point. As evil makes itself known, people are motivated to seek truth, especially when they see the results of false worship and atheism.

  3. My wife is making yellow ribbons to hang on our front yard tree in remembrance of those Americans left behind by fraudulent Biden. Remember what a sensation it was when Iran had 12 American hostages during Jimmie Carter’s administration? Let’s put the pressure on the White House to bring our fellow citizens home!

    1. They grabbed those hostages because Jimmy Carter was a weakling. What Democrat isn’t? They let ’em go pretty fast after Ronald Reagan was elected.

  4. Absolutely. We must do all we can to win this battle. If we don’t stand up for truth and righteousness, then nothing is left but God’s judgement.

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