Satanists Demand Abortion as ‘Religious Freedom’

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The one baby that they won’t abort

[Note: I am so tired today, I could just plotz. I’ll try to keep this blog up and running, but after this post I’ve got to go and just hang out.]

We told you leftids view abortion as a kind of perverse religious rite. Now the Temple of Satan in Texas, bellyaching over Texas’ new law forbidding abortion for any reason once the baby is six weeks old, has made it official (

Yep, they’re gonna go to court and argue that restricting abortion restricts their religious freedom–to wit, it gets in the way of their–wait for it, you’ll be amazed–“Abortion Rituals.”

Well, gee. We also restrict human sacrifice; and if you want to get arrested, just start a Thuggee gang in your neighborhood. All sorts of things we restrict, and will continue to restrict no matter who calls it an exercise in some goofy pagan pseudo-religion. It’s, like, taken for granted that nobody’s allowed to perform human sacrifice. We’re not that multicultural yet.

So once again we have Satanists and Democrats in the same cozy bathtub together. As if that surprises anybody…

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  1. This brings to mind 2 Peter 3:10, particularly the last half of the verse where it says that “ the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed.” Evil works are being exposed, all around us. Not 30 minutes ago, while working in the yard, I was thinking of how many people have been exposed in sex scandals over the last few years, including some very troubling allegations of trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous island. Many decent people are appalled, but a surprisingly large segment of the population seems unfazed. People are showing their true colors, not only by what they practice, but also by what they are willing to accept.

    1. It’s not enough to love what is good, we have to be repulsed by what is bad and avoid it. It’s not for us to judge others, but we should be careful in order to not find ourselves supporting bad practices.

  2. They should read about what happened to the people of old who were defeated and kicked out of their lands by the children of Israel who were delivered from Egypt, such as the Amorites, etc. One of their most grievous sins was sacrificing their children to molech. This is no different. Our nation could be destroyed in the same way.

    1. That’s a great point, Erlene. Abraham was told that he would not immediately possess the Promised Land, because the iniquity of the Hittites was not yet complete. The people of the land were allowed to run their course, but they ended up on the unpleasant end of God’s wrath. They were vomited out of the land for their disgusting practices.

      No one is immune. As Lee likes to point out, the Indus Valley civilization came to its end and we know not even the name of one person from that time and place. We don’t know much about this civilization, but it’s entirely possible that they practiced things which were truly evil, and the God wiped them from the face of the earth. It doesn’t take much. A few years of drought will bring even the most robust of civilizations to its knees.

      Central and South America had huge civilizations, about which very little is known. We have artifacts, lots of ziggurats, etc. but very little about who these earliest inhabitants were. We know plenty about later inhabitants, such as the Inca and Mayan civilizations, but these were much smaller than the civilizations which had existed in the more distant past. There is evidence of idolatry and human sacrifice, so there is little surprise that these civilizations no longer exist.

      There’s a lesson here: we are accountable to God. The Bible is, chiefly, Israel-centric. The history of the Bible is the history leading up to the establishment of Israel, a history of Israel and a history of how people of the nations were grafted in to the promise given to Abraham, so that Israel would play a role in the blessing of all mankind. However, that doesn’t mean that God could not have intervened in the history of other nations, if they turned to evil practices.

      I have no way of knowing how directly God may have been involved in the demise of these civilizations, but even if their demise was a natural consequence of their own actions, even that serves to demonstrate that there are limits to what God allows. Acts 17:24-27 tells us: “ 24 The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man, 25 nor is He served by human hands, as though He needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything. 26 And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place, 27 that they should seek God, and perhaps feel their way toward Him and find Him. Yet He is actually not far from each one of us,”

      The civilization into which I was born has changed drastically. Practices that were once confined to some of the more disreputable elements of society have become mainstream, just in my lifetime. It’s not surprising that the prosperity and security America enjoyed 60 years ago has decreased dramatically, just as the godlessness has increased dramatically. While it’s painful to watch, we can be assured that God will never abandon the faithful.

    2. Even in our time, we can see that in action. I have always found it interesting that Hitler ended his days, hiding underground. Saddam Hussein was living in a hole in the ground when they caught him. Coincidence?

  3. Some great points you have brought out, unknowable. I so enjoy reading teachings that I so agree with.

  4. I think the Satanic Temple likes to say shocking things just to get attention. On their website they say they don’t even believe in Satan or the supernatural. They are basically atheists who claim to be satanists for the shock value.

    Having said that, I don’t doubt this stuff goes on. Abortion is sort of child sacrifice. I’ve heard that human sacrifice, especially of the innocent, somehow empowers the demonic entities. It’s no wonder then why they have such a visceral reaction when we try to stop it. It’s very much a reflection of the spiritual condition.

    1. I’ve heard similar things. A lot of it is just a matter of publicity and deliberately trying to offend believers. At the root of it all, they are totally unaware of just how treacherous their games are. I would imagine that Satan doesn’t mind it a bit when humans deny that he exists. It just gives him more freedom of operation.

      We don’t know many of the specifics, with regard to demons and the spirit realm, but I have heard similar things, that demons are empowered where sin is prevalent. I know that I have been places where I felt that evil was present, and I make it my aim to avoid such situations.

      This is just my opinion, but there are sins we commit because of inherited sin from Adam, and we all do things we shouldn’t because of that. But there is also deliberate sin, where people seek out badness. Human sacrifice would certainly qualify as deliberately seeking to move in a bad direction, in my humble opinion. The degrading nature of pornography would be another example and I suspect that demonic forces are drawn to such things.

      I wouldn’t even venture a guess as to the mechanism by which sin empowers the wicked forces, but I believe this is a strong possibility.

    2. I’m always fascinated by the rationale people use to justify the money they spend at casinos. People actually believe that there is some uncertainty involved in casino gambling, but from the house’ side, the numbers are cast in granite. They know to a very fine degree just what their losses will be, and just how much they will make. If all else fails, they can set house limits, which protect them from a well-funded gambler cleaning out the bank. You can’t beat the house and the proof is simple; we’re they not making copious profits, the doors would be padlocked tomorrow.

      Satan enjoys the same advantage that “the house” has, in a gambling situation.If people believe in him, he wins. Of people don’t believe in him, he wins. If someone believes in God, but doesn’t live up to their beliefs, Satan wins. Up until he is thrown into the abyss, at Christ’s return, he has time on his side.

      Some of his greatest allies don’t even believe he exists, but that’s just fine by him. Once again, the casino metaphor comes into play. The odd “big winner” is the casino’s best friend, because they make it seem like it’s possible to beat the odds, and they draw more suckers into the front door. The Materialist that denies the existence of the spirit realm is Satan’s best friend, because they are a perfect example of serving his purposes, while promoting the false notion that good vs. evil is an illusion.

    3. If you recall Saul Alinsky also dedicated his book to Satan even though he was an atheist who didn’t believe in the supernatural. Yet rather they believe in him or not they are doing exactly what Satan wants them to do. I suppose the only difference between a Satanist and an atheist is at least the Satanist knowns who they are worshiping. The old saying the greatest trick Satan pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist is true.

      As for the mechanism human sacrifice empowers the powers and principalities Paul talked about I don’t know. I have pondered that question myself. If you notice blood is central to our faith. It was Jesus spilling is own blood that bought us salvation. There is something about blood that acts as a bridge between the natural and supernatural. It’s no wonder then there are prohibitions in the Bible about not spilling innocent blood or drinking it.

    4. Leftism is an inevitable by-product of Original Sin–sort of all the major sins rolled up into one. Satan can make a punk like Alinsky feel like a big man.

  5. I led our local Right To Life group for over 20 years and have read all the horror stories that go with abortions, and the clinics, and doctors who perform them. Some abortionists are Satanists and have fellow “believers” come in secretly to perform rituals on the unborn. It doesn’t get much sicker than this.

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