It Was Only a Year Ago!

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Oh, those precious “symbols”!

I have a blog post from May 28 of last year which starkly contrasts with this year’s current push for bigger and better mask mandates–especially for kids in school.

In “So What’s the Mask For, Again?”, we have Democrat bigwigs like Andrew “resigned in disgrace” Cuomo, Fauci, and Biden touting the mask not as having any value medically, but as a “symbol of strength,” “compassion,” and national togetherness.

So What’s the Mask for, Again?

And now they want us masking up again! Which is it, cowboy? We’re getting confused!

Have we forgotten what they were telling us–so authoritatively!–just a little over a year ago? How many 180s are we going to let them do on us?

Do we need a Constitutional amendment forbidding any kind of “mandate” under any circumstances?

3 comments on “It Was Only a Year Ago!

  1. It would be so wonderful if we could get them reigned in and brought back to the way the government was intended to be administered, and so away with this wildcat operation.

  2. Our church is small so we socially distance and about half of the 35 or 30 who show up where masks (even though masks don’t work). I found out while Linda & I were out of church for three weeks because of covid that 10 other people got covid, as well as the pastor and his wife and mother. Two of our members died Sunday and one is in palliative care in the hospital without much hope of recovery. Now some of the members are blaming it on the pastor – this is so wrong. Please pray for Bethel Church.

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