Movie Review: ‘The Case for Christ’ (2017) The Case for Christ [DVD] : Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen,  Frankie Faison, Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster, Jon Gunn, David A.R. White,  Michael Scott, Elizabeth Travis, Alysoun Wolfe, Brittany Yost, Karl  Horstmann,

The Case for Christ tells the story of crime reporter Lee Strobel’s journey from full-blown, angry atheism to a convicted Christianity and a love for Jesus Christ.

I interviewed him about his book, on which the movie is based. He was on his way to go skiing and said he could give me maybe 15 minutes. An hour and a half later, we were still talking. Although I’d never been what I would call an atheist, we had very much in common–including a lot of our errors.

Strobel’s search for “the facts” about Jesus changed his life. Changed his personality, too–and very much for the better. Thing is, facts don’t tell us everything we need to know; and sometimes what they tell us isn’t true. It’s very easy for us to latch onto a “fact” that turns out to be anything but. Strobel had the shattering experience of finding out that he was wrong about a lot of things: shattering, but it also set him free.

The book is well worth reading, and the movie well worth watching. I found myself identifying with the “old” Lee Strobel in ways that made me decidedly uncomfortable. God will use that to let light into our souls.

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