Now in Paperback, ‘The Wind from Heaven’


Finally, at last, hooray! My new book, The Wind from Heaven, is out in paperback.

At least, I think it’s out. We’ve had a lot of publication glitches, and the page has it as “Book 11 in the Bell Mountain series” when it’s actually Book 13. We ran into so many glitches, we had to publish the Kindle book first.

But here it is, and I hope some of you will buy it and bless me with a customer review.

Will Ysbott the Snake succeed in finding a place in Lintum Forest inhabited by gnomes and giants? And what about those ships that have been sighted off the coast of Durmurot? Where did they come from, and what do they want?

The adventure continues…


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  1. Good news! I will see what I can do to help out. I always recommend your books especially for people with teenagers. They seem to really enjoy them.

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