This Could Be Important! (Protecting Our Elections)

How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes - POLITICO Magazine

Who can hack into our voting machines, and what can they do?

You’re not going to hear a lot of buzz about this, but a government agency, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), has issued new guidelines to protect American elections from hacking and foreign meddling (

The commission’s Voluntary Voter System Guidelines 2.0 now states that 1) vote systems cannot be connected to any digital networks and 2) wireless technology in voting machines must be disabled. Critics say the second provision doesn’t go far enough and that the wireless ports must be eliminated from voting machines, not just disabled. Ohio has already imposed such a ban.

Other critics are still angry that none of this was done before the 2020 elections, stating that the high degree of vulnerability to outside interference should have been addressed much sooner.

Simply put, the EAC wants to remove from voting machines “external access to the internet.”

Because it would otherwise be too easy for any “foreign adversary” to get inside our voting system and corrupt it!

So now we get a chance to test the truth of “Better late than never.”

4 comments on “This Could Be Important! (Protecting Our Elections)

    1. One of the things we have to protect our children and our families *from* is a government gone drunk with power. And we can’t do that if our elections are going to be crooked.

  1. Voting machines should be outlawed altogether. When the Dems go to cheat in Newsom’s recall or in November 2022 mid-term elections, they won’t obey these regulations because they are cheaters, plain and simple.

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