AOC: Texas Law Unfair to ‘Menstruating Persons’

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This is the face of government?

When we say our country is governed by idiots, we mean real idiots.

Rep. Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez is back! On a recent cable TV talk show, she denounced Texas’ new abortion law, which forbids abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, as unfair to any “menstruating person” or “person with a menstruating cycle” ( Other leftid jidrools joined in, with blather about “a pregnant person” and “Roughly half of America”–that would be women, actually–“gets their period.” Bad grammar, with but a tenuous grasp on reality.

AOC also denounced Texas Gov. Greg Abbot as part of a “rape culture.” To her, any attempt to restrict abortion is tantamount to endorsing rape.

This is all, of course, just more pandering to the transgender crowd. And it’s either pure idiocy or pure hypocrisy–saying things that one knows to be untrue, to achieve a political end. It’s also known as “lying.”

They all need to be cleared out of government, root and branch. We can’t accomplish anything worthwhile with morons and hypocrites calling all the shots.

5 comments on “AOC: Texas Law Unfair to ‘Menstruating Persons’

  1. I can’t help cringing when I hear these people talk about their beliefs and ideas. It is so far out from what it was when I was young. Since then, I have just tuned them out. If they had an ounce of brains, they would understand that if you don’t want to be pregnant, THEN STOP WITH THE FORNICATION. That takes care of it without murder.

  2. They probably don’t really believe it, but then again, who knows what people will believe if that is their
    desire. They can talk to themselves, concentrate long enough, and then it becomes imbedded in the thought patterns to the extent that it does form belief (somewhat)

  3. “menstruating person” or “person with a menstruating cycle” = sigh
    They walk among us and consider themselves not servants to a greater good and participants of the great ‘checks and balances’ system of the REPUBLIC that is America, but rulers

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