Australia: The Most Unkindest Cut of All

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Six o’ these ought to have you singin’ Melancholy Baby, mate…

So now, in addition to keeping you locked up in  your home unless the government gives you permission to go out, the government of New South Wales has decided to limit your alcohol  consumption (

Your daily ration allowed will be six beers (big bottles? little bottles? doesn’t say) or mixed drinks, or one bottle (size not given) of wine.

I dunno… Six beers a day would mess me up pretty good. I guess some people have to get loaded or being under house arrest will drive them crazy. But I’m not Australian.

Six of those big cans of Foster’s–you could wash your car with that.

You’d think the government would want people so plastered that they couldn’t get up from the floor–makes ’em easier to control.

We are in a dark age, folks. And that’s just where our “leaders” want us.

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  1. Well, they would be out of luck with me on that one. I never touch the stuff – any kind. Maybe they want you too sloshed to be able to find the door.

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