We Has Maskses Agen!!!!

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Heer at Collidge we has a barand-noo Mask Man-Date!!

And waht do yiu Know,, its “all-moast” Hallaweeen but furst we “has” to cellarbrate Laber Day witch is To-marrow but thenn “it is” Hallaweeen and I has fowned this hear Fanntatstick Which Mask i can ware!!!! So i “can” Obay the Mask Man-Date and do Hallerweeen “at” The Saim Tyme!!!!! Haow grate “is” That???

As yiu Can sea fromb “The” pixture this hear it is “A” reely Scairy Which Mask,, the ownly Thing rong whith it,, wen I putt “it On” it soart Of squisshes my Moth Antenners and it maikes themb Ichy!!!!! and i doughnt whant to be Scrachin awl the tyme im Tricke Oar Treeting!!!!!!

All-reddy heer “at” Collidge a lott “of” us wee “are” wharing Hallerine Masks. It is nhow So Scairy arowne heer,, yiu jist whant To hyde al “the” day lawng, the furst stoodint whoo seen My Mask, he stratted Crying and he hadded to go into Cownsalling!!! Fourchunitly we has plennty “Of” Play-Doh so he has clamed down bye Nhow!!!! Heckk i gotted Scairded tooo wen i lookt Into “the” Meerrer!!!!!!!!!

And nhow Jobydin he “tells” us the Scairy Masks thay whil scair The Jerms tooo! No moar COVE-ID on our Kampis!!!!!!!

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