‘Blaming God’ (2017)

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This was one of the most grotesque criminal cases I ever heard of: ordained minister of the gospel, a priest, sentenced to prison for distributing child pornography. The thing that makes it so grotesque is his… defense? Is that what he called it?

Blaming God

Where did he get the idea that God would help him win other people’s money at online poker? But then I suppose there have been burglars who prayed the Lord to help them burgle…

Gambling and kiddie porn–it doesn’t get more depraved than this.

3 comments on “‘Blaming God’ (2017)

  1. Well, the traditional excuse that “the devil made me do it” would acknowledge that what he did was wrong not altogether his fault, whereas blaming God makes what he did “right.” Or something.

  2. There’s so much wiring with this guy’s conduct that it’s hard to find a starting point. As a general rule, gambling is a penalty life imposes on those whom are bad at math. While some games involve a degree of skill, there is still considerable risk. Expecting God to favor you in gambling is a bit presumptuous. If I were to gamble, on the expectation that God would give me the victory and even if God were involved, who’s to say that He would favor me. Somehow, I think that God probably prefers that people make money as the fruit of labor, not because of winning a game of chance.

    Blaming God for his problems is poor judgment. I wouldn’t want to have to explain that in Judgment Day.

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