‘Climbit Change Mob Goes Rabid’ (2017)

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Useless people, useful idiots

This is the lesson of the 21st century, its contribution to political theory:

Scare the daylights out of ’em, and you can do anything you want.

They thought the boogie-man of Climate Change was going to give them absolute power over us, but somehow they could never seal the deal. That drove them crazy.

Climbit Change Mob Goes Rabid

Well, before they could somehow impose the death penalty for “Climate Change Denialism,” along came King COVID and gave them everything they ever lusted for. In less than two years, freedom has almost been erased from the world. America is still relatively free, at least compared to others–but wit you well, Democrats do not intend for it to stay that way.

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  1. OK, that worked. My previous comment was: three people I know had their face book accounts hacked by money scheme, so I went on my page this morning and told everyone and said I will be off, so don’t reply to anything saying it is from me.

  2. I had to admonish an old friend and preacher to get in the Battle to save America. He didn’t even know what OAN or NewsMax cable channels are. Recently I bumped heads with one of our city directors over illegal immigration which he was not aware it was a problem – then he told me we ought to build a high fence along the border to keep them out!!

  3. Yes, I’m here now, but all morning I have been dealing with my new phone provider. They tell me I will have to wait my turn to get answers, up to 15 minutes, and it is 35 minutes, then they say they are short of employees, long waiting list… life is so frustrating these days.

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