Fish Catches Fisherman

Fap! We should be on vacation now; we should be out there fishing. Somehow we always managed to avoid the mishaps shown in this video.

They do remind me, though, of a friend of ours who could never climb into a boat without falling out of it.

5 comments on “Fish Catches Fisherman

  1. So funny—and I relate to more than a few of these fishing fails. Wish we had a video of the time our four year old daughter cast her Johnson’s silver minnow bait smack into the chest of a guy fishing in a nearby boat…his expression was priceless!🐟

    1. I’m sure he never expected that! (They never do.)
      I cast out and hooked my wife’s hat once–but that was on purpose, because the wind had blown it off her head and it was drifting merrily away.

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