Mr. Nature: DeKay Snake and Babies

Jambo! Mr. Nature here–and today our safari need take us no farther than my own back yard.

These little DeKay snakes used to be pretty common around here. I liked to catch them and handle them a bit, then let them go. They’re really tiny–the biggest one I ever caught, a real giant among DeKay snakes, was only about a foot and a half long. Most of them top out around six inches.

Uh… Was I supposed to blog some nooze today? Ah, never mind. God’s stuff is nicer.

The DeKay snake in this video has just had babies, live birth instead of eggs. You really wonder how she could have carried so many babies–but don’t ask me to count them.

These snakes eat bugs and slugs, so it’s good to have them in your garden. I wish we still did.

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    1. Looking at the map of their distribution, I have at times lived near where they live, but never actually lived within their range. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one of those snakes in person, but I would love to see one. They are a beautiful, delicate creation and show the amazing intricacy of our Maker. Imagine those tiny little baby snakes, complete, yet so small.

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