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More and more people are choosing not to read anymore–or at least only to read something if their jobs require it. Besides–who needs to read, man? Like, dude, everything is on the internet!

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America needs very badly to snap out of its digital stupor. No schiff–our electronic “smart” doodads are making us dumber. Loss of concentration, inability to think straight, inability to distinguish truth from poppycock–these are very serious problems, and if we don’t solve them, we will lose our country. Note I didn’t say “can.” We will lose our country and we will lose all our liberties.

Because ignoramuses don’t even know what liberty is.

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  1. Another brilliant column, Lee. So true, so true. And so sad. And our libraries aren’t helping, now that they barely have any books but mostly computer stations and “activity spaces.”

    1. Our local library threw out (literally) the classics and had Drag Queen Story Hour.
      We are being turned into a nation of ninnies… mostly by what we call “education.”

  2. In grade school and high school, I hated English and all things pertaining to it, like reading; and my grades confirmed that fact. However, sometime during the seventh or eighth grades, I found a love for reading, not textbooks, but science fiction and fantasy genres. I read Robert E. Howard’s books hosting Conan the Barbarian. I enjoyed Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, Robert A. Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy, and many others. But my favorite author was Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read every book of his I could find. The hollow Earth themed Pellucidar series with David Inns, John Carter of Mars Barsoom series, Carson Napier of Venus Amtor series, the lost world themed Caspak trilogy, and of course, the twenty-five books, starring Tarzan of the Apes. This love of reading prepared my way and has served me greatly, for when I became a Christian, I set aside science fiction for a new love; reading and studying the Holy Scriptures, and all things written concerning it. And years later, teaching Sunday school, numerous home Bible studies, and writing books dealing with scriptural issues.

    If I was not a reader, I could not have written one book, let alone several. Without the background from the hundreds of books (probably thousands) I have read, the facts, and information, and ideas gleaned from those numerous volumes, it would not have been possible.

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