More Vaccine Weirdness


Hey! Maybe we can deceive people into getting COVID shots! Wouldn’t that be great?

So an ad agency in Charlotte, North Carolina, has gone into the reverse psychology business, creating a black truck, supposedly belonging to a “Wilmore Funeral Home,” sporting the message, “Don’t get vaccinated.” ‘Cause, ya see, you’re all gonna die if you don’t get your COVID shot! And that’s great business for the funeral home. Maybe everybody’s gonna die! See the article in (

The catch is, there is no “Wilmore Funeral Home.” If you visit its supposed website, you wind up reading exhortations to get the shot.

They want to trick people into doing that. Why not? We’ve already seen “free donuts if you’ve had your shot” and offers to pay you $100 if you submit to the “vaccine.”

All of this is unprecedented in America, and rather sinister. We still have no explanation as to why COVID-19, with its better than 99% survival rate for most people, has to be treated as the deadliest disease in all of history. We do not know why such over-the-top extraordinary measures must be taken to fight it.

I mean, people die from flu every year and we’ve never had an anti-flu campaign like this. I now know several people who’ve had COVID, and although they really were very sick for a while, they recovered.

Lying, fraud, and deception have become rampant in our culture. It’s getting so you don’t know whom to trust, if anyone. Are we ever going to go back to telling the truth?

But then truth is not a left-wing value, is it?

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  1. Certain people have been screaming overpopulation, climate change, and all the rest for years, and I guess they finally became so frustrated about convincing people that they were desperate to find a club to hit us with.

  2. At Trump’s Rally in Georgia yesterday to massive crowds, he state how the Deep State outlets have tried so hard to shut him up because his mouth tells the truth. It was a great rally- I watched the whole thing.

  3. You can add myself, my parents, two of my sisters, and one of my brothers to your list of people who recovered from covid.
    Those of us who were old enough got the Regeneron shots, and all of us had very mild cases.

    The covid cult is insane, and it’s only going to get insaner. I think in one state they had a one million dollar ‘lottery’ that everyone could enter if they’d had their jab. Mayor Bill Deblasio of NYC was offering a burger and fries.
    And now these people are openly wishing for death on those who aren’t vaccinated, and some fringe people (those who test the waters before the big names come out with the same) are calling for us to be executed or imprisoned.

  4. It’s all been political from the beginning. We’ve had bad, even terrible, flu seasons before — I still remember the Asian flu of 1957 and the Hong Kong flu of 1969, for example — but never before were we subjected to this kind of insanity. In fact, it isn’t insanity at all. It’s deliberate infliction of damage. Consider all the unprecedented things that have been forced upon us:

    * Quarantining healthy people and shutting down a whole economy.

    * Denying people medical and preventive health care for any condition other than the targeted disease.

    * Obsessively testing and retesting for the disease with tests that even the WHO has declared useless because of all the false positives.

    * Declaring all the positives valid, even if the person isn’t sick, and calling the healthy person “asymptomatic,” which merely means showing no signs of illness other than the false positive. (And even if there is a virus floating around, the viral load that doesn’t make a carrier sick won’t make anyone else sick, either.)

    * Inflating the numbers of deaths by declaring every death due to the target illness as long as they can come up with one of the false positives or even a “suspicion of the presence” (per the CDC’s instructions) of the illness — even if the person has actually died of cancer or gunshot wounds or a car accident or anything else.

    * Developing a so-called vaccine unlike any vaccine in the past (actually a gene modifier), with inadequate testing and (listen carefully now) WITHOUT ACTUALLY MANAGING TO ISOLATE THE VIRUS it’s being used against.

    * Then hiding and DEflating the numbers of injuries and deaths from these “vaccines” in complete reversal of the way the illness death numbers were INflated.

    I could go on and on, about the masks and distancing, but I think one of the most frightening things is the way people have been trained to distrust and fear each other, and to turn on each other with such rage. None of this has ever been done before, and none of it has anything to do with health — except to break people’s health, both physically and mentally.

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