Deaths Up 40%–Why?

In 2021 there was “an overwhelming unexplained increase in all-cause deaths,” according to Dr. Kelly Victory and others–and massive increases in all sorts of dangerous medical conditions that can cause death.


Well, Dr. Victory wants to find out. The data comes from the Dept. of Defense and several life insurance companies. By openly discussing it, she says–and, by the way, not speculating as to its cause–she has become the target of “sheer vitriol.” Like, how dare she? How dare those military doctors bring up that data?

So deaths from all causes shot up 40% in 2021. What was different about that year? A few scientists want to find out. A lot of scientists don’t. Might make the government look bad, don’t you know.

Most of the deaths were in the age category 18-49–most people’s prime working years. For instance, there was a nearly fourfold increase in cancer among those who should be relatively strong and healthy. Why?

Surely those experimental newfangled “vaccines” couldn’t have had anything to do with it. Nosireebob. It was probably due to transphobia. Or chemtrails.

Hmm… What famous zillionaire was it who kept saying he wanted to depopulate the earth?

Is someone actually trying to do it?

‘Tyranny Is Back in Style’ (2015, 2018)

Stalin May Day Parade High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Year after year they chop away at our freedoms. It was worse in 2018 than it was in 2015, and worse now than it was in 2018.

Tyranny is Back in Style

The “pro-choice” crowd keeps trying to take away all our choices, Big Tech censors all dissenting voices–does anybody get a whiff of the old Soviet Union here? It burned itself out in Russia, but looks like it took root in the West. Here the tender shoots of tyranny are tended and nurtured by Biden & Co., Trudeau Ltd., and Fauci Inc.

God defend us.


Salt Lake City Trib Goes Full Fascist

They call it “our democracy” (LOL)

Oh, those nooze media! Where do they get these people?

The Salt Lake City Tribune has run an editorial calling for National Guard troops to be brought in to keep unvaccinated persons “not [to] be allowed, well, anywhere” (

What? Will they shoot you if you set foot outdoors?

How long would the Trib (aptly named, isn’t it? “Trib” for “tribulation”) want this to last? Until there are no more germs around? Until everyone in Utah is shot up with experimental drugs that are currently killing people? Or just until the editors get tired of it and want to move on to some new experiment in totalitarianism?

What are they doing with these students in the journalism schools?

And then they wonder while normal people hate and distrust the noozies.

COVID… Forever?

The Psychology Behind Coronavirus Panic Buying | INSEAD Knowledge

Somewhere along the way, this whole COVID business stopped being about “Science”–if indeed it ever was about that.

Now the Narrative (nooze-speak for “thumping great lie”) seems to be shifting from “Omigod we’re all gonna die!” to “It’s those unvaccinated enemies of the People–we’re gonna die because of them!” Hear the teeth gnashing in the background.

The disease kills less than 1% of those who get it. For that we turn whole national economies upside-down? For that we scrap our family holidays? For that we hand over unprecedented powers to bunches of bureaucrats and scheming, slimy politicians? For that we set up… camps? (Yes, Australia has done that. COVID stalags. You could look it up.)

Oh, boy. Call out the troops! Back to vote-by-mail! Lockdown, lockdown! “The Omicron Variant is sweeping across the world….” [dissolve into hysterical screaming]. And we’ve still got about half the Greek alphabet to go!

It’s very difficult to resist seeing this as part of a satanic drive to a totalitarian global government run by mentally ill persons and based on a foundation of COVID panic, phony Climate Change, transgender, and Critical Race Theory. Those are the four corners of the prison that they’re building for us.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

Not Getting Vaxxed Makes You… A Terrorist?

Brainwashed nation - NationofChange

God help us (I mean that literally) if we ever sink as far as Britain.

There are still some millions of people in the UK who haven’t yet received “the jab.” So the UK nooze media have found some “expert” from the University of Bristol who says “hard-core refuseniks” may have to be treated as “terrorists” and “deradicalized”–which I think probably means locked up and tortured (

And while they’re at it, the “expert” says, they might as well nail these people for Climate Change Denial, too. Don’t let good physical and psychological coercion go to waste.

Terrorists… Didn’t terrorists used to, like, blow up things? And kill people? Only now you can be a terrorist for simply refraining from having yourself shot up with some chemicals you’ve heard are more dangerous than the disease they’re supposed to treat. Or, over here in America, you become a terrorist by objecting to your local school board’s far Left Crazy policies. It’s never been easier to become a terrorist!

By the way, we are not told exactly what a “deradicalization” program would consist of. Once upon a time the United States and Britain fought against countries who did things like that. Now we sound like the villains in Bridge on the River Kwai.

Remember, O God, remember, O Judge of all the earth, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

UK Surgeon Still Suspended: He Said the Wrong Thing

Omicron: Biden tightens travel rules amid new Omicron cases - BBC News

Are “elites” using the COVID scare to control the world?

That’s what a Pakistani-born surgeon in the UK said a year ago, for which he was suspended from practicing medicine; and a year later, he’s still suspended ( for remarks he posted on social media.

The “interim suspension remains in place while we consider Dr. Adil’s fitness to practice,” said a spokesman for Britain’s General Medical Council. Many doctors have signed a petition to reinstate him, but so far the GMC isn’t listening. The petition supports the doctor’s right to free speech; but there’s no First Amendment in Britain.

Lockdowns, vaccine passports, POW-type “quarantine camps” in Australia, an endless string of Greek alphabet COVID variants requiring an endless string of injections–how about it? Is this a dress rehearsal for world government?

It’s sure beginning to look like it.

Oregon Eyes ‘Permanent’ Mask Mandate

Famous Statues Around The World Wearing Face Masks

“When this stone gets up and moves, we will end our Mask Mandate…”

We toldja Democrats mean to make the Pandemic last forever!

So here’s Oregon contemplating a rules change–and a feat of administrative gymnastics–to re-cast its indoor Mask Mandate as permanent (

But not to worry! See, “permanent” only means “indefinite,” not “permanent.” The current rule allows them to keep the Mandate in place for only 180 days. So they have to change the rule, ya see, to make it “permanent.” And then they can always repeal it somewhere down the road, at the end of the rainbow where the Pandemic ends, too. Like, once they run out of names to give new COVID variants.

Honk if you trust them for more than a nanosecond.

But heck, for leftids this is The Big Thing in their lives and they’re going to relish it for as long as they can–to say nothing of the intense pleasure they derive from imposing their crapola on everybody else. Just now their eyes burn, burn, burn with envy when they see Australia’s POW-type “Quarantine Camps.” Oh, they just can’t wait to have that here!

I suppose we can be thankful that Oregon is not America. Just a piece of it that needs a whole new government.

Teens Escape from Aussie POW–er, ‘Quarantine’–Camp

Someone cue up the music from The Great Escape!

Three teens went over the wall of a COVID-19 “quarantine camp” in Australia’s sparsely populated Northern Territory ( Their planning and preparation having been inadequate, they were soon captured and dragged back to the camp.

A grown man escaped a few days earlier. He has not yet been recaptured.

The teens climbed over the fence when no one was looking. So did the man, but he’d arranged for a getaway car.

Camp authorities darkly hint of “consequences.” I wonder if they have a “cooler.” Or do they just shoot you?

When are they going to start tunneling? Will they need fake passports? Civilian clothes made from prison–er, “camp”–blankets and throw rugs? When are the “authorities” going to add dogs, watchtowers, and searchlight?.

And you will never believe what they’re calling this place! “The Centre of National Resilience”. God save us.

We thought it was bad here in America. And by comparison with just three years ago, it is. But holy cow, Australia! You don’t want to be there. They’re killing freedom with a sledge hammer.

School to Make Unvaccinated Kids Wear Yellow Badges

Hmm… let’s see… What does images of being forced to wear a yellow badge conjure up in modern history? Dash it all, just can’t remember! But I’m a school administrator, so I don’t have to know any history, do I?

A reporter in Britain has obtained a copy of an email sent to parents by “officials” at a certain school, stating that children who have exemptions from the vaccine “Mandate” shall wear yellow badges “to prove they’re vaccine-exempt” (

The reporter published the email on Twitter, taking care not to reveal the name or location of the school. Don’t ask me why she did that.

Tie a yellow badge around that old oak tree,/ It’s camp for me,/ I can’t be free…

Catchy, ain’t it? More than one person has asked, “Don’t they have a history teacher at that school?”

Well, hell, since when do we ever learn from history? That’s why it’s so full of repeated patterns. Nothing new under the sun, King Solomon said. There are people with an insatiable lust to run other people’s lives. Nazis, communists–and now those enlightened Citizens of the World who tell us Science sez we have to obey them. And now we’re back to yellow badges.

What next? Ooh-ooh, I know! Make the Anti-Vaxxers wear rags and go around shouting “Unclean, unclean!”

Science sez we can!

Pfizer to Kids: Become a Superhero!

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

This truly disgusting, this Pfizer ad. Truly loathsome:

PURE EVIL: Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (VIDEO)

Yowsah: Taking our “jab” (I really hate that word) will make you a superhero. You will have the qualities of a superhero–one of which is “trying new things.” Like that’s always a good idea!

It’s pitched to young children who have not yet acquired the ability to think critically. “All of us want to be superheroes!” babbles a little girl. Then a bunch of different kids show off their Jim Bob’s Black Belt Karate School karate moves.

This is just one of many aspects of the COVID Jihad that I find sinister. There is no compelling reason to drag children into it. There’s not even a not-so-silly reason. But leftids don’t feel they’re really trying unless they exploit children to get us to do what they want. See any teachers’ strike.

We do not know what the so-called “vaccines” will do to patients, say ten years down the road. They are experimental drugs. There are no long-term studies.

And scream and rail against anyone who shows ordinary common-sense prudence. Anti-vaxxer! Racist! Terrorist! Anti-science! Enemy of The People!

Big Science + Big Government = Big Tyranny.

P.S.–If you want to see the video from here, click “The Gateway Pundit” and then click their post, which contains the video.