FBI: Murders Went Up 30% in 2020

Mayor Wheeler, city leaders address Portland riots | KATU

Maybe not so “mostly peaceful,” after all

Wait a minute. Wasn’t 2020 the year various Democrat governors and city councils started letting convicted felons out of jail so that they wouldn’t catch COVID? Weren’t there at least a few of us who didn’t think this was a good idea?

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, recently published, says there were 21,570 homicides reported last year–30% more than in 2019 (https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/574091-murders-up-30-percent-in-largest-increase-on-record-fbi). In fact, said the FBI, it was the largest increase ever recorded.


Maybe beating the drum for defunding the police, and calling violent riots “mostly peaceful protests,” and letting bad guys walk free after being arrested… maybe those policies had something to do with the 30% increase in murders.

And do people tend to behave themselves more peaceably when governors and “scientists” and noozies are shouting “We’re doomed, we’re doomed!” 24/7? COVID gonna kill us–and then there’s Climate Change! And systemic racism! And the fact that there was once a Confederate States of America! Why even try to live peaceably?

We keep telling you: Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back.

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