‘Love Lifted Me’

It’s very foggy here this morning, my allergies are still on the warpath–so here’s a hymn: Love Lifted Me, a good old hymn from 1912, sung by Nathan and Lyle with family and friends… in someone’s living room.

5 comments on “‘Love Lifted Me’

  1. Just came back from the clinic, had a covid test, came up positive. I don’t have any symptoms except for the ones I have been having for a couple of years. Temp. normal, Oxygen level fine. Will have to on quarantine until the 15th. inconvenient, but almost everything is these days. I just continue to depend upon the Lord. Whatever His will is, may it be done.

    1. Remember, Erlene–Heidi, who is an M.D., says a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get sick. You’re in my daily prayers.

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