Cheetah Impersonates Cat

Technically they’re big cats, but you don’t have to be afraid of being attacked by a cheetah. That only happens, very rarely, in zoos–not in the wild.

So I have had to discard my theory that the cheetah makes this meowing noise to try to lure gullible humans to their deaths. You think you’re going to rescue some poor cat lost on the savannah, and uh-oh, it’s a cheetah! Run for it!

Good luck with that, kimosabe.

2 comments on “Cheetah Impersonates Cat

  1. I’ve seen some interesting videos on Cheetahs, and they seem to behave a lot like a house cat. They purr and seek attention, much like a house cat. They can be very affectionate and seem to love being petted … and they can sprint to something on the order of 70 MPH. 🙂

  2. Cheetahs are very doglike. They are easily leash trained and physically, as with a dog, their claws do not retract. Of course, they are predators and they are not pack animals as are both dogs and the only “cat” who lives in groups, lions. Most cats including the cheetah are solitaries.

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