‘Zillionaire Comedian: “Say Yes to Socialism”‘ (2018)

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We didn’t work or vote hard enough to stop them last year, so now we stand in shock as Democrats dismantle our country and try to bankrupt it–so they can claim it’s all a disaster and the only cure is for them to have absolute power over us for as long as the grass grows.

But in 2018 Hollywood fish-heads like once-upon-a-time-hot-shot comedian Jim Carrey showed us precisely where his party was headed.Straight down the socialist rat-hole.

Zillionaire Comedian: ‘Say Yes to Socialism’

For all his praise of Canada and its brand of socialism, Carrey never went to live there, did he? But if all the hypocrisy were drained out of leftids, there’d be nothing left inside. Dig the reader comments from a friend of mine who lives in Canada, “Jessicafischerqueen.”

Well, now they’re stuffing socialism down our throats. And they won’t be happy till they’ve ruined America.

And only then will it dawn on them: “Now where will we live?”

7 comments on “‘Zillionaire Comedian: “Say Yes to Socialism”‘ (2018)

    1. People imagine the celebrities live in some kind of enchanted world. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are just like us, albeit, some of them are wealthy. But even wealthy people get sick and die and even wealthy people experience problems and disappointments.

      Many celebrities suffer from drug and alcohol problems, because being rich an famous is stressful. Many are actually very isolated, because they can’t operate normally in society, due to the fact that people won’t leave them alone to go about their business. I’ve probably told this tale before, but early in the 2000s, I was in a store and saw a world famous actor. He was just browsing, minding his own business. When he realized that I had recognized him, his face fell. The poor guy just wanted to be left alone, so I nodded in his direction and left him alone. Just because I had bought a ticket, and seen him in a movie, or had seen him on TV, did not give me the right to intrude upon him. He was just a guy, going about his biz’ and had every right to do so. I learned a lesson that day, and all it took was a simple facial expression. Message received.

      Celebrity worship is just that, a form of idolatry. It’s one thing to admire the skills and talents of someone that has achieved fame due to their abilities, but to project that admiration forward into hero worship is not a good thing. Just because someone is a great singer and internationally recognized as such, that does not make them a great person and should not afford them recognition as some sort of role model for the rest of your life. I admire Frank Sinatra’s singing, but that doesn’t make him my spiritual role model.

      Some famous persons seek adulation and seem to love being the center of attention, and this only serves to add fuel to the fire. I noticed that as Stephen Hawking was in decline, he began to make statements that were attention grabbing, such as dire warnings about perils that the earth faced. I saw this as grasping at straws; trying to remain in the public eye. Many of those press releases were short on fact and long on speculation.

      In retrospect, I can see that I had been guilty of hero worship, in my earlier days. I have since come to understand that no person has life by the tail and that while we can respect someone, it’s not good to make a hero of anyone. Jesus is the only man that ever lived without sin, and even Jesus directed attention to The Father.

    2. My heroes (Davy Crockett, Gen. Gordon, et al) are long dead, so I can’t bother them.
      Willie Mays lit up my childhood, but I’ve always resisted the temptation to pry into his personal life. Whatever character flaws he may have had, I don’t need to know about. For me, he made magic on a baseball diamond; and I love him for that.

    3. Having a deep interest in music, I have any number of persons whom I admire for their musical ability, but do not necessarily have all that much admiration for them as people. One of my favorite bands from the ‘70s was comprised of people that I doubt I could stomach being around. They were infamously arrogant and self centered on a personal level, but sublimely talented as performers and songwriters. It would surprise me very little to hear that the same is true of many famous musicians; it seems to be a common trait, especially if they became highly successful while still fairly young.

      I try to compartmentalize my interests in such a way as to not allow my admiration of a person’s professional skills to be come confused with an admiration of their personal life. If you read the biographies of some famous musicians, you can’t help but wonder how they ever survived the debauchery of their youth. Between the sexual excesses, drug abuse and heavy drinking, it’s amazing that a some of these people have lasted as long as they have.

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