Man Falls From 9th-Story Window–and Lives

According to witnesses, the man plunged through the rood of the BMW and then quickly got back up.

Miracles do happen, even in Jersey City. They had one this week–a man fell from a 9th story window, 100 feet high… and lived to tell the tale (

A parked BMW broke his fall. He broke the BMW.

Actually, he was a bit too rattled to be telling any tales. He did ask, “What happened?” You’d think he, of all people, would know. Police believe he was trying to commit suicide. He did wind up with some painful injuries, but will probably recover.

I can’t see this as anything but a miracle. Can you?

10 comments on “Man Falls From 9th-Story Window–and Lives

  1. A car roof should be one of the better things to land on. It’s flexible enough to absorb a lot of energy from such a fall, but solid enough to keep shield someone from the seat backs. Even with that going for him, he was lucky to get off so easily. I wonder what the BMW owner’s reaction was. 🙂

  2. Prayers for my husband Alan. He is in hospital getting tests to find out what is wrong with him.

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