Prayer Request: Ina’s Husband

Please join in prayer for Ina’s husband, Alan, who has just been taken to the hospital for tests. They don’t know yet what’s wrong with him.

Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, and by the power of Jesus’ name, please bless, protect, and heal your servant, Alan. Bless his wife, Ina, and their family: protect them, O Lord. Amen.

6 comments on “Prayer Request: Ina’s Husband

  1. Jesus, Good Physician, we beg you to give healing to Alan and strength and comfort to his family. Hold them close to You in love. We ask this in Your name, Lord Jesus, amen.

  2. By His stripes, we were healed. May Alan be the recipient of this great blessing. When man can do more for us, the power of Yeshua takes over. May it be, amen.

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