Supercharged Kitten

We couldn’t get over the vet describing our sweet, gentle Peep as a ferocious angry cat who terrorized the staff.

But watch this kitten! He’s going to out-Peep Peep when he grows up. The doctor can smile about it now, but in another year or so… watch out.

2 comments on “Supercharged Kitten

  1. They don’t seem to realize how small and helpless they are. Nobody is too formidable if you are a mad

  2. That’s a lot of fury in a very small package. Of course, from the kitten’s perspective, it’s fighting for its life.

    My cat is docile, unless she’s jerking my chain, and overall, she likes the Vet. When I first got her, he and I shot the breeze after her exam, while she happily explored the examination room. A year later, when I brought her back for her annual exam, she was all but uncontrollable. We had to wrap her in a towel for her vaccinations and the exam was abandoned for fear of laceration. The Doctor opined that she may have been upset by the scent of other animals in the exam room, and suggested that having her as the first patient of the day might be the best solution. I haven’t been present for her last two exams, because of King COVID, but apparently she was docile and easily controlled for her last two visits.

    House Cats are domestic animals, but not far beneath the surface exists a somewhat wild creature. I’ve always felt that cats know a good deal when they see it, and go along to get along, but in their hearts, they never forget that they are wild critters.

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