Are Troops ‘Defying’ the Vaccine ‘Mandate’?

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They aren’t toy soldiers–not yet they aren’t!

This is the state our journalism is in.

I see a headline, “Hundreds of Thousands of Troops Defy Vax Mandate.” Is it true? Good luck finding that out! Washington Post, for one, thinks it’s just “political division” that’s been allowed to seep into our “nonpartisan” military ( Then you go off to the right and they’re saying it’s just short of a full-blown mutiny.

Mandate? You won’t find that word in the Constitution. We’ve already had more “mandates” than is good for us and should strive for their extinction. This is America–not some slavish European country. No kings, no dukes, none of those weird parliaments in which every loony splinter party gets its own piece of the government.

Mandates must stop, and then be erased.

Meanwhile, I can’t find out what’s really going on with our military. I find it very hard to believe anything I’ve read today.

That’s what happens when truth ceases to be a journalistic value.

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  1. We’re becoming a country where the only accurate information to be found is in samizdat publications — if you can find them before they’re canceled.

    Meanwhile, it’s still hard to find accurate information about what’s going on at Southwest Airlines. A few Substack sites have sub rosa emails from pilots, but for obvious reasons they have to stay anonymous, and anonymous sources are also subject to question.

  2. I thought I would comment on this post that was made while I was in AZ to see if it appears on your end – but then again, I have not been receiving any notification someone has commented on my posts for some time now. Maybe I will have to delete your blog and then sign up again to see if that makes a difference.

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