Another Question That They’ll Never Answer

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The one question that never gets asked, when a noozie interviews a rug-chewing crazy wacko, is:


Critical Race Theory in the schools–“Why do you want that?”

Drag Queen Story Hour–“Why do you want that?”

Using the schools to groom children for sex–“Why do you want that?”

Transgender mania sweeping the Western world–“Why do you want that?”

Classic works of literature rewritten to appeal to hyper-sensitive “modern readers” who don’t really read that well–“Why do you want that?”

More “mandates,” more “governance,” more elites selecting winners and losers, more World Economic Forum–“Why do you want that?”

I’m betting you can’t get a coherent answer to this question from any of the above-mentioned groups. Mostly you’ll get cursed and yelled at. You may even get bitten–very unstable, these progressives, when they encounter any departure from their party line.

Mostly, though, you’ll get babble and gobbledygook. At least that’s been my experience.

And our politics, government, education, and business is packed chock-full of it.

Biden Plan: Vax 28 Million American Children

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If you think the flap over forcing kids to wear masks in school is a big deal, wait’ll this kicks in.

Joe Biden’s “presidential administration” has a plan to “vaccinate” 28 million children aged 5-11 (

Is this going to be another one of those like-it-or-not “mandates” handed down from The Big Guy in the White House? Will parents have any say in whether their kids get shot up with this experimental gene therapy?

Y’know, for two cents I’d post that old number by Napoleon XIV from 1966, They’re Coming to Take Me Away, and offer it up as music for our time.

Like I said, it seems they’re taking away big chunks of our freedom in hopes that they’ll only have to give little chunks of it back.

God grant we survive this full-scale assault on our republic. “Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light: protect us by thy might, Great God our King.”

Are Troops ‘Defying’ the Vaccine ‘Mandate’?

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They aren’t toy soldiers–not yet they aren’t!

This is the state our journalism is in.

I see a headline, “Hundreds of Thousands of Troops Defy Vax Mandate.” Is it true? Good luck finding that out! Washington Post, for one, thinks it’s just “political division” that’s been allowed to seep into our “nonpartisan” military ( Then you go off to the right and they’re saying it’s just short of a full-blown mutiny.

Mandate? You won’t find that word in the Constitution. We’ve already had more “mandates” than is good for us and should strive for their extinction. This is America–not some slavish European country. No kings, no dukes, none of those weird parliaments in which every loony splinter party gets its own piece of the government.

Mandates must stop, and then be erased.

Meanwhile, I can’t find out what’s really going on with our military. I find it very hard to believe anything I’ve read today.

That’s what happens when truth ceases to be a journalistic value.

An Even Bigger ‘Mandate’ Coming?

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Maybe he could rob a 7-11 on his way to the White House

Government never gets big or powerful or intrusive enough for Democrats.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have both called for a “federal mandate” compelling all Americans to wear face masks in public (

The “mandate” would be imposed by the Center for Disease Control.

So much for government by our elected representatives, with public hearings, debate, voting, and all that old stuff. Last I looked, no one at the CDC had been voted into office by anyone.

Biden said that he, if he were president, would “require” all Americans to wear the masks. Did you know a president could do that? I certainly didn’t.

We are told by the fake nooze scribes at CNBC that face masks sure as shootin’ hamstring the old COVID-19 and anyway you ought to wear them to show that you… “care.” About something other than your personal liberties. CNBC is in the bag for this.

But of course you don’t need to wear a mask or practice “social distancing” if you’re doing something really “essential,” like rioting to “protest” imaginary systemic racism. The Death Virus will know your heart is in the right place and won’t bother you.

It’s what the lib crowd calls “Science,” these days.