Warning Us Off Bonanza

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Now they don’t want us watching vintage TV westerns. Like Bonanza.

If you want to watch Bonanza on TVLand, first you get a bright blue screen with a warning on it:

This program contains outdated cultural depictions. Viewer discretion advised.

What? “Outdated cultural depictions”? You don’t say! Y’know, I thought there was somethin’ fishy about that show! Like, nobody had cars or cell phones. And I didn’t see one transgendered person!

Whose ridiculous idea was this? Like, maybe we might want some outdated cultural depictions, just to get out of the cultural septic tank we’re living in today. For just an hour we can pretend we’re somewhere else–a world where we aren’t perpetually nagged by imbeciles.

They don’t post warnings for shows whose contemporary cultural depictions include perversion, cruelty, and enough trash to turn the Grand Canyon into a landfill. They don’t advise viewer discretion for that.

The wokies want to reach into your living room and tell you what you can watch on TV. If they had their way, there’d be no freedom, ever, anywhere. No escape into the past. No acknowledgment that there ever even was a past. Nothing but the deadly, dreary, soul-annihilating mental landscape of their own Far Left spiritual abyss.

I pray I’ll be able to laugh at this someday, as some temporary buffoonery that has passed away forever.

6 comments on “Warning Us Off Bonanza

  1. How absurd. I would think they would be embarrassed to reveal their abject ignorance, stupidity and
    prejudice among other things. Actually, I care so very little about TV these days; finding nothing even remotely interesting. These old westerns come closer to being interesting than anything more modern.

  2. What they want to do is fundamentally transform our country into a godless communist society. In order to do that traditional values and customs have to re-framed as outdated. The Founding Fathers have to be re-framed as racist. Christopher Columbus has to be re-framed as a genocidal colonizer, and on and on.

    We never defeated Communism in the 20th century, and now it has reared up it’s ugly head again. We need to defeat Communism and these cultural Marxists the same way we defeated Nazism. It needs to have the same stigma and be universally loathed as Nazism is. This is our generation’s fight.

  3. Oh man, I just saw that same warning on Bonanza just the other day. First time I’ve ever seen that. Ridiculous. I can assure those imbeciles that the things that offend me on Bonanza (like, too much going to bars and drinking, or immodest women, etc.) are not the thing that they want me to be offended by.

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