What About This ‘Insurrection’?

Photos: Inside the Raucous, Colorful Protest that Shut Down “Wall Street  West” – Mother Jones

What crap.

Oh, wait, I know! It’s only an “insurrection” if Democrats think it’s aimed at them.

Several dozen “climate activists” (mercy, I’m already bored) were arrested this week when they tried to force their way into the Interior Dept. (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4004186/posts), injuring a number of security officers. The jidrools called themselves “People vs. Fossil Fuels.” A commenter wondered how they got to Washington. I hear they had a flying carpet.

So… was this just a “mostly peaceful protest”? Or was it a calamity on the scale of 9/11, World War II, or the Civil War? We’ll have to wait for our Free & Independent Democrat Nooze Media to tell us what to think of it. What asinine hyperbole will they come up with?

Living in the Age of Stupid as we do, we can hardly expect people not to believe that the government can control the sun’s energy output–heck, they control everything else. Just hand down a mandate! And if the sun persists in being hotter than we think it ought to be… Lockdown! “Are you listening, Sun? One more degree and we start shootin’ people!”

Hey! Think they’ll make the climate protestors disappear for months on end without a trial?

Think again.

9 comments on “What About This ‘Insurrection’?

  1. Things like this are infuriating. All last summer leftist rioters were attacking government buildings and sometimes gutting or burning them down — sometimes, too, with people inside the buildings — and they were celebrated as heroes. Or, if they were arrested, they were bailed out by the same politicians who locked up the unarmed trespassers from the 6 Jan crowd. We’re really turning into an all-out tyranny.

    Interestingly enough, though, on some other blogs people have instinctively been posting references to Mussolini rather than the usual Hitler/Stalin references. I think they recognize that what we’re starting to see is more like fascism than like communism — although I think we have a hybrid growing: the corporatist state of fascism mixed with the globalism of communism.

  2. A world without fossil fuel would look like it did in the early 19th century. I don’t think they realize just how much we rely on it. The trucks and cargo ships all run on oil. So many of the products we use are made from oil derivatives. The very souls on their shoes are made from oil. The world’s 7 billion population couldn’t be sustained without fossil fuels, but I’m sure they would be okay with a few billion people dying.

    1. Soles of our shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I wish we could edit our posts.

  3. Crossing the panhandle of Texas on my AZ trip, we passed a field of Wind Turbines – talk about ugly!! And they kill thousands of birds besides having no graveyards to go to when they give up the ghost – they just remain there looking ugly.

    1. And guess what happens to those wind turbines when it freezes or there’s no wind blowing.

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