Mr. Nature: Daddy Long-Legs

Jambo! Today our safari takes us to the foundation of your house, where we see spiders crawling on the walls. Almost everybody thinks they’re spiders, and knows them well as “daddy long-legs.” But they’re actually very different from spiders.

There are over 6,000 species of these critters, found all over the world. If you’ve ever turned over a rotten old board and found a thousand red daddy long-legs under it, don’t worry: these animals have no power to harm us in any way.

I find it fascinating that both the male and female daddy long-legs take care of their eggs and hatchlings.

On the whole, they’re rather nice. Be kind to them.

6 comments on “Mr. Nature: Daddy Long-Legs

  1. Here in the Philippines, we do have a smaller “daddy long-legs” kind, plus a lot of other kinds of spiders (some monster movie size), and critters which inhabit all dwellings. Small lizards are found in almost all dwellings, even in the large cities (we have many in our apartment). Ants of all kinds (we have about 5 types in our apartment), and even the very small, literally the size of a “.” do bite (or is it sting), and depending on where they get you, it sometimes really hurts. (Shake out your clothes before you put them on). And it’s a real shame, the lizards, for whatever reason do not eat the ants.

  2. I didn’t know that. I know the fire-ants here eat lizards and whatever or whoever stands on their nest…I can tell you all about what happens when you disturb them. Now I know what kind of pets I want roaming free in our apartment. They will probably get big and fat, so many to eat…

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