A Tumbly Kitten

Here’s a question which has tantalized sages and philosophers for heaven only knows how long:

Why do people who have their own cats watch videos of other people’s cats? Is it because our cats mostly sleep? That doesn’t make for good video.

I don’t know the answer to that question.

5 comments on “A Tumbly Kitten

  1. I once had a cat that watched all animal shows. He loved the animal shows and always lay down and took a brief nap during commercials, then back to the show.

  2. The number of cat videos on YouTube bears witness to the fact that cats are very entertaining creatures. I watch a fair number of cat videos, often with a sweet natured Siamese snoozing on my lap. It’s not so bad.

    Tiny Kitten is a sweetheart of a cat, from what I can tell.

    My cat will watch cats on TV, if they catch her attention.

  3. Coco was such an adorable little kitten in these early videos, and now in the more recent videos he’s growing into a handsome young cat, still with those adorable quizzical eyes. I love these videos. And it’s so kind of Coco’s human to provide cushions and other low surfaces on the floor to accommodate Coco’s short legs. I’d never heard of the Munchkin breed before this series.

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