‘How Smart Are You?’ (2018)

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I’m re-running two of the most popular posts ever to appear on this blog (I’m tired, I’m late, I don’t wanna post any nooze on this beautiful day), in hopes you’ll all enjoy them.

They’re a package deal. This one sets up a puzzle, taken from a Columbo episode, and then the next one you read will give the answer. You’ll find the puzzle here: just click the link.

How Smart Are You?

Now that I know the answer (!), of course that was the answer! It had to be!

Now it’s supposedly a Mensa riddle, suitable for geniuses, guaranteed to stump everybody else. So if you’ve never seen it before, and you’ve got the answer… Go to the head of the class!

Vintage 1967 Milton Bradley GO TO THE HEAD OF THE CLASS Board Game Series 14 | eBay

5 comments on “‘How Smart Are You?’ (2018)

  1. I used to be rather smart – at least that is what the teachers told my mother, but that has gone by the board now. I have become a real dummy.

  2. I didn’t even give it a try. Things that tax my little pea brain are no longer fun for me.

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