So Who Needs Real Reality?

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“Wow! Here in the metaverse we can fly–just like Peter Pan!”

Reports are floating around that Facebook plans to “rebrand” its parent company–change the name, that is–and you’ll never guess why, so I’ll tell you.

It’s “to move beyond social media into the metaverse, described as a virtual world achieved through virtual reality” (

What the dickens is the “metaverse”?

Oh, well! It’s “a multiverse which interoperates (?) with the real world, incorporating things like augmented reality overlays (?), VR dressing rooms for real stores, and even apps like Google maps.” Glad I cleared that up for you!

But what’s a multiverse? It’s “a hypothetical group of multiple universes.”

Excuse me, my BS detector is going off.

Everything here is man-made. It is not real. It is not reality. We used to call people “crazy” who spent a lot of their time in unreality. Now we call them “Mark Zuckerberg.” “Hypothetical” means we sort of think it might be real. Maybe.

How badly do we need this schiff? Honk if you’ve just gotta have it.

We’re gonna need a bigger loony bin.


5 comments on “So Who Needs Real Reality?

    1. Thing is, all this stuff is quite simply MADE UP. Not real. Treating made-up stuff as real used to win you a trip to the funny farm.

    2. Ah, but now, according to the Great And Wise (aka the evil lunatics), there is no such thing as “objective reality,” which is merely a patriarchal heteronormative phallocentric racist construct.

      As the saying goes, “Whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.”

    3. “As I was going up the stair, I met a man who wasn’t there/ He wasn’t there again today/ I wish, I wish, he’d go away!”

  1. It astounds me, the degree to which this virtual stuff has become real in the minds of people. Computers, VR, etc. can do good when properly applied to specific problems, but they are not a replacement for reality.

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