Looks Bad, Smells Bad… Is Bad

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I hate conspiracy theories. Criminal masterminds hatch a secret plot and next thing you know, Joe Blow on the internet knows all about it! I’d really rather not hear it.

But all this COVID stuff–I’m sorry, but it’s looking less and less like a medical crisis and more and more like a dress rehearsal for a global government. All those mandates! A “mandate” is not a law, voted on by our elected representatives: it is a command handed down from on high. You will not find “mandate” in our Constitution.

This business looks bad and smells bad. It’s like they’re thinking, “If we can temporarily take away a lot of their freedom, maybe we can get away with giving only some of it back! And if we can keep the pandemic going long enough, maybe they’ll get used to being cattle-prodded by the government. Maybe they’ll even get to like it!”

I’m not privy to any conversations among the global government crowd. I don’t have any secret sources. I’m just telling you what it looks like to me.

History tells me freedom is fragile, there’s always, always, always someone out there who wants to take it away from us–usually so they can take everything else, too. The COVID panic was a gift-wrapped golden opportunity for the enemies of liberty.  They weren’t about to waste it.

Medicine does not insist on exactly the same treatment for each and every one of tens of thousands of patients. Medicine does not threaten people’s livelihoods if they don’t obey. Medicine does not make end-runs around the normal processes of self-government.

When I see the behavior of our COVID establishment, I don’t see medicine. I see politics.

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  1. Some “conspiracy theories” are based on real evidence of a conspiracy. There really are recordings of the Klaus Schwab gang discussing the uses of a pandemic some time before the first China virus started making its rounds.

    I’ve been saying from the beginning that the whole point of all the mandates — from the first maskings and lockdowns right up to the current mandates of the drug pushers — that the whole point of the exercise wasn’t about the disease but about obedience. At each step, the people are trained to accept one more irrational command. Once they’ve become used to it, an even more burdensome and irrational one is added. And so on and so forth until most of the populace would walk off a cliff — or kill their neighbors — if directed to do so.

    1. Plutarch tells us of a king of Sparta who made what seemed to be an irrational edict governing the length of men’s hair. When asked why he did it, the king said it was to train the people to a habit of obedience.

      I think you’ve hit the bullseye here.

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